For esports to thrive, people need to change their minds. Thailand understands this and has started a campaign to bring esports to universities. They became the first country in Southeast Asia to do this, even though only introducing esports and how to make money, not … teaching students to become gamers.



Currently, there are 4 schools in Thailand that teach Esports, including Bangkok University, Dhurakij Pundit University, Sripatum University, and Thai Trade University. This number is expected to increase rapidly in 2020.



“At UTCC – Thai University of Commerce, the Esports program is a collaboration between schools in science, business administration, communication arts, and the humanities. We train our students in thinking critical skills, leadership, creative ideas, action, and lifelong learning, so they will have the skills to run a digital business, esports organization in the future”, said Chatchai Wangwiwattana, Head of the Department of Gaming and Esports at the University of Commerce, Thailand.



Esports has had a great reputation around the world. After multi-million dollar tournaments, now the sport has been recognized as a sport and put into the SEA Games 2019 competition. So Thailand took immediate action to give its prospective students a clear understanding of the nature of this new profession, leading to better preparation in the future.



According to Kenh14