Customized Experience

Customers can choose between dark, white, or milk chocolate. They can then select any 3 additives from a range of premium toppings including roasted nuts, dried fruits, green tea leaves, rose petals, and chili. Moreover, customers can also customize the packaging according to their mood and preference.

Special Products

The Kitkat “Chocolatory” also offers special editions only available at this store. These editions include unique flavors such as Malaysia’s traditional Nasi Lemak, Duriam Delight, Ice Kacang, and many more.



The Kitkat “Chocolatory” is a significant step in creating new experiences for consumers. As Mr. Alois Hofbauer, the CEO of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, explained: “Innovation is the lifeblood of Nestlé, and we always want to bring new products and experiences to consumers with the best quality ingredients.”

With the Kitkat “Chocolatory”, consumers can create unique and personalized Kitkat chocolate products with high-quality ingredients. Nestlé has become a giant in innovation and we are pushing the personalization trend one step further. We want to help create more meaningful connections with our beloved consumers by allowing them to personalize their own Kitkat experience.”