It features exhibitions, trade promotions, shopping, music performances, various shows, amusement rides and a food festival. Jakarta Fair is part of a series of events to held to celebrate the capital’s anniversary, which falls on June 22.

The fair has been around since Indonesia was still in the Dutch East Indies era. Originally the annual fair took place in Koningsplein (now Merdeka square) in Weltevreden Batavia and it was called “Pasar Gambir”.

At first, the Indonesian Fair was called Indonesia “Pekan Raya Indonesia” and was held for the first time from August 29 to October 4, 1953 with the official English name “The First Indonesian International Trade & Industrial Fair”. It took place within 3 years before being stopped.

In 1968, the modern Jakarta Fair or Pekan Raya was held again for the first time by President Suharto. The fair took place from June 5 to July 20, 1968 in the southern part of Merdeka Square. The idea to hold a grand fair in Jakarta was initiated by Jakarta’s governor Ali Sadikin in 1967, inspired by the colonial era Pasar Gambir. It gradually became an annual event within the city celebrations. The longest Jakarta fair was held in 1969, lasting 71 days.

As the number of participants increased steadily, the fairground in the southern park of Medan Merdeka square was considered not large enough to contain the grand fair, so in 1992 the fair was moved to its current location in Kemayoran.

After being suspended for 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Jakarta Fair is back this year, taking place from June 9 to July 17, 2022.

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