The one-of-a-kind X-HMT exerts a constant or variable massage cycle with two levels of intensity, for a total of four massage program combinations. Coupled with fast-warming low back heating capabilities, X-HMT users enjoy several direct health benefits such as increased blood flow, reduced stress and anxiety, heightened productivity and boosted energy. And, X-HMT chairs are flexible and versatile, able to be run on battery power or while plugged into a laptop or a wall outlet.




Creating a customized look for any workspace, the X-HMT Heat and Massage Chair is offered in multiple color and model combinations. Combinations include the X2 with ultra-comfortable K-Sport Advanced Performance Material; X3 with sophisticated Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR) fabric that is water, spill and stain resistant, as well as a high resiliency molded foam seat; and X4 Executive featuring supple premium leather or Brisa.



In addition to the heat and massage capabilities, the X-HMT boasts X-Chair's key ergonomic features, which not only differentiate X-Chair from the competition, but provide vast, overall health benefits.



These comfort and design elements include 10 ergonomic adjustments, the proprietary Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support, SciFloat Infinite Recline and Flex Mesh technology. Each feature works simultaneously to create unprecedented adjustability, ensuring every user of X-Chair's X-HMT Heat and Massage Chair is able to enjoy an ergonomic seat customized to their specific needs.


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