This is because they enable you to drink your beverage or eat your food at your desired temperature, at any time and anywhere regardless of how far back the food/drink was prepared. The iTemp smart mug and bowl are designed with advanced control systems of sensors, Bluetooth connections, and applications.



For instance, they are installed with temperature, touch, and weight sensors. These ensure efficient performance by detecting and registering temperature changes and officiating or resuming the heating by a tap on the sensors or through an automatic weight detection system.



The iTemp smart mug and bowl system is also controlled and monitored by application software connected to a smartphone by Bluetooth.  Through this, you may adjust temperature settings, set the alarm and notifications, and track your hydration process.



They are aesthetic. The mug has a sleek handle and a perfect curvature making them attractive. They have programmable heating alarm systems and LED indicators for notification.



The manufacturing materials, stainless steel, and ABS plastic make them strong and long-lasting. They are weight balanced to avoid spilling. The coaster and the mug/bowl have a magnetic connection system for security and stability.



According to Gforgadget