New digital attractions at the refreshed Terminal 2 that you need to see

Every half hour, visitors will enjoy a four-minute music performance, with the soundtrack composed by Canadian pianist Jean-Michel Blais. Like a vibrant painting, “The Wonderfall” is a perfect combination of technology and art, bringing a relaxing feeling to passengers as soon as they step into the airport.

Changi Airport's T2 fully reopens: Discover what's new

Deep inside the transit area after passing through the immigration gate, “Dreamscape” – a new garden combining digital content, plants, and marine creatures – will open up before the eyes of visitors. The rhythm of the greenery, an abstract ballet designed by humans and the harmonious dance of Mother Nature. The Dreamscape space takes customers into a quiet world with a sky projection designed on the ceiling, indicating the weather outside, a fish pond under the floor, and LED screens displaying underwater scenes on both sides. In addition, this is also where you will be served juice by the automatic robot Toni.

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With this expansion, T2 not only increases its capacity from 23 million to 28 million passengers per year, but also raises the total annual capacity of Changi Airport to 90 million people. T2 has now become the largest terminal at the airport after 3.5 years of upgrading and expansion, adding more than 21,000 square meters of area – equivalent to the size of about three football fields.

Refreshed Changi Airport Terminal 2 Fully Reopens

With these improvements and innovations, The Wonderfall and Dreamscape at Changi Airport are not only impressive destinations for passengers to explore right in Singapore, but also affirm the position of Changi Airport as one of the world-class aviation gateways.

Changi Airport's Terminal 2 fully reopens with lush greenery and digital  waterfall display - CNA