BluConnection Pte Ltd. was founded in 2009 by Peter Zinser, Alexander Bock and Andreas Mendel together with Matthias Ostertag.

The company created Indigo, the blue dye that gives the distinctive blue color of denim apparel on the market.

BluConnection’s main product, DenimBlu30, is used by denim factories around the globe to dye denim fabrics. BluConsult and BluConnect are also two services that help customers achieve the best dyeing results, in which BluConnection’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Singapore.

With DenimBlu30, BluConnection has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pre-reduced dyes with global reach. Especially in 2020 and 2021, the company is recognized by The Straits Times as one of the fastest growing companies in Singapore.

According to the Financial Times website on the fastest growing companies, in 2018 the company’s revenue was 32.86 million USD, but by 2021 it has increased to 64.54 million USD, achieving an absolute growth rate up to 96.4% with a compound annual growth rate of 25.2%, becoming the chemical company with the highest growth rate in Southeast Asia.

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