Southeast Asia's First Electric Construction Machines from Volvo CE Arrive  in Singapore

The event not only marks an important step forward in the construction industry but also demonstrates Volvo CE’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and minimizing environmental impact. Electric construction machines not only reduce CO2 emissions but also reduce noise, creating a better working environment for workers.

On June 8, 2023, in Singapore, the press release about this launch event shook the electric vehicle market as well as other green projects. Singapore, one of Southeast Asia’s largest economic hubs, was chosen as the destination for this important event, demonstrating the country’s leadership in adopting and promoting new technology.

Advantages of Electric Construction Machinery

– Lower operating costs: Electric construction machines eliminate the need for fuel, leading to cost savings.

– No need for routine maintenance: Electric construction machines have fewer moving parts and simpler mechanical systems, reducing the risk of failure and replacement costs.

– Precise and flexible control: Electric construction machines provide instant torque and good feedback.

– Low noise and zero emissions: Electric construction machines help reduce air and noise pollution at construction sites.

Disadvantages of Electrical Construction Machinery

– Inadequate infrastructure: Charging infrastructure needs to be improved to meet the demand for using electrical construction machines.

– Early phase of investment: Converting to electric construction machinery requires a solid initial investment phase, including capital for new equipment and the necessary charging infrastructure. While the long-term benefits outweigh the initial costs, this financial aspect can pose a challenge for some construction companies.

– Limited battery life: Electric machines currently face limitations in battery life and charging time. Overcoming these challenges will be critical to maintaining uninterrupted operations and addressing potential concerns related to long work hours or demanding construction projects.

Southeast Asia's first electric construction machines arrive in Singapore

The launch of the first electric construction machine in Southeast Asia is an important step forward in promoting the development of green technology in Singapore. The event not only demonstrates Volvo CE’s pioneering in the construction industry but also demonstrates the Southeast Asia region’s commitment to the green environment and progressive development of technology.