Jomrun’s creator, Yi Hern Chang, was only 20 years old when he came up with the idea to build an app that rewards people who enjoy outdoor activities like jogging or walking.

He shared that the idea came to him after he returned to Malaysia from a break at Oxford University and realized that more people went to the park to play Pokémon Go. He was a runner at the time, so he thought that if he took the same approach now and gave people rewards or money, they would want to run and be more active.

JomRun started as a rewards-based fitness tracking app before Chang realized that offering monetary benefits to app users was not a sustainable business model. Therefore, he decided to work with gym and fitness companies to offer vouchers on the app in addition to the rewards feature. JomRun app was officially launched in December 2017.

JomRun is backed by Malaysian conglomerate Sunway Group, Nexea Venture Capital, and several angel investors. 

JomRun now has two main functions: ticketing and rewards-based features. The rewards feature awards users points every time they meet running or walking goals, or when they complete an activity. Users can redeem the points to buy vouchers on the app. JomRun still keeps its tracking function so users can track their daily physical activity while using the app.

JomRun app is currently available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Cambodia. The app has been downloaded by one million users and half of them are active users.

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