Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (abbreviated as KTBR) is one of the subsidiaries of Baba Rati Indonesia.

Headquartered in Indonesia, the business started in 2003 as a cart operated by young entrepreneurs couples Nilam Sari and Hendy Setiono on Nginden Semolo Street in Surabaya, Indonesia. They built the business inspired by a trip to Qatar, there are many Turkish-style Doner kebab or shawarma sellers. The name “Baba Rafi” was taken from Arabic, “baba” means father and “Rafi” is the name of the couple’s first child, Rafi Darmawan.

In 2005, the enterprise applied the franchise system to develop the business. It expanded into Malaysia which was successful. The outlets operated not only in Indonesia, but also in Malaysia and the Philippines. After that, Kebab Turki Baba Rafi has continued to expand to India, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Bangladesh and other countries around the world.

By relying on Kebab as the main product with a special and original flavor, KTBR now already has 1,300 outlets in 9 countries within 16 years of development. KTBR operates in many forms of outlets, from food trucks, shops, stalls, indoors and 24-hour shops. Turki Baba Rafi Kebab primarily sells kebab doner, burgers, sandwiches (such as shawarma and sausages), kripik, roti canai and frozen foods. Franchise outlets in the Philippines also serve drinks, such as matcha, lemonade and tamarind.

KTBR provides the best taste and quality products at affordable prices and responsive service for franchisees and customers.

This is the largest kebab chain in the world with the number of chain stores. KTBR has won many valuable awards during its operation, a number of important awards such as Indonesia Young Franchise Entrepreneur Award, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award, Most successful franchise, Franchise Fastest Growing Award, etc. and many other awards.

Source: Wikipedia