In July 2019, the company launched a human-friendly robot of all shapes and sizes. They are controlled through an application on the phone and can communicate in four common languages in Singapore: English, Mandarin, Malaysian, Tamil. There are also Japanese and Singlish (Singaporeans’ English).



LionsBot has about 13 different models of cleaning robots that can sweep, scrub, mop, vacuum, and even carry equipment. They can be used indoors or outdoors, on all types of floors and carpets, and in tight or wide-open spaces.



The cleaning bots can also speak 4 languages, make jokes, sing and rap. 300 Robots are being rolled out across hi-tech to help clean the city-state’s hotels, shopping malls, and government buildings, by March 2020. 4 of them are already at the job.



LionsBot’s robots aren’t just about cleaning. Each one has its own unique personality. They can speak multiple languages, wink, tell jokes and even sing if so desired. By scanning a QR code, people can ask the robot questions and learn more about what functions they perform.



LionsBot said it is the world’s first company to offer such robots on a subscription basis, which frees partners from investing in ownership and maintenance of such devices.



These robots also have an important task to overcome the labor shortage in a country with a population of 5.6 million people but is rapidly aging.

According to Tuoitre