The No Sleep Club was opened in November 2019 at Club Street and then moved to bustling Keong Saik Road near Chinatown, where it can easily be found with its gray awning with two circular icons on it – one with a sleeping face and one with a big “X” in the circle, which is very eye-catching and arouses the curiosity of passersby.

This place is not just a regular bar that only serves cocktails. Yi Jun and Hutchinson – the two creators of this place – wanted to create an eclectic venue that blurred the boundaries between the things they most loved: great drinks, carefully selected coffee, delicious food and personable service.

Moving away from the coffee by day and cocktails by night concept, Yi Jun and Hutchinson envisioned a venue free of constraints, where you could just as easily order a special Martini at 10 a.m. or a coffee in the evening. The concept was complemented by a high-quality food menu created by chefs Colin Buchan and Daniel Chew and a focus on welcoming, super-friendly service. From those thoughts, the No Sleep Club was born.

Customers coming here will be greeted with the enthusiasm and professionalism of Hutchinson as soon as they enter. From here, people can either take a seat at one of the tables on the upper deck or find a place at the bar on the lower deck. The food menu features modern European plates carefully crafted with regional ingredients, including fried cauliflower in tempura batter, steak tartare, a four-cheese truffle toastie and burnt Basque cheesecake, all with drink pairings. Customers have the choice of drinking handpicked coffees or a cocktail to sip while dining.

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