This year’s event was held at the CentralWorld shopping center in the festival theme together with world-renowned motorcycle brands and various brands of the motorcycle riding gear, accessories distributors both of Thais and foreign entrepreneurs to showing a unique of each bikers and fulfill their different lifestyle.

The festival brings together many motorcycle enthusiasts and large distributors from many countries in Asia. Famous motorcyclists and outdoor circles exchange experiences, lifestyles and tips, such as live broadcasts straight from Taiwan with world-class motorcycle builder Winston Yeh, owner of the legendary Iron Guerilla Harley-Dyvidson 883 Sportster. Most imitators are ready to update the latest projects including the situation of the world motorcycle decoration circle.

Many stalls of leading motorcycle manufacturers, shops selling accessories, fashion and camping equipment from more than 50 famous brands.

Many new, famous and rare motorbike models are also displayed in different areas during the festival. The annual Bangkok Custom Bike Competition, gathered more than 50 skilled bikers to come and show off their skills. This is also a way for Thai professionals to reach the international level and meet many other famous people in the same field to learn more experiences.

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