When we think of flower fields, the tulip farms in the Netherlands or the cherry blossoms in Japan usually come to mind. But who says that these alluring floral fields only exist in those countries? Feast your eyes or have a spectacular photoshoot at these charming floral fields listed below, which are all located right on our doorstep in Southeast Asia!  

1. Thailand: Sunflower Fields, Saraburi

Located close to bustling Bangkok, Saraburi is a small province well-known for its magnificent sunflower fields. Stretching well over 10,000 acres, it is a ray of sunshine in the cool end-year months. For a family trip in the hillside sunflower fields, Tambon Hin Son and Tha Khlo of Amphoe Kaeng Khoi are the perfect places to go. Apart from taking photographs, visitors can also get involved by learning to plant and take care of sunflowers, or they can buy sunflower-made products! How exciting is that? For a different experience, you can also visit the nearby districts,  Amphoe Wang Muang (one hour away from Saraburi) and Muak Lek (30 mins away from Saraburi), where horses and cattle graze nearby, with the sunflower fields in full bloom from December to January.

2. Philippines: Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden, Cebu 

Also deemed as ‘Cebu’s Breezy Floral Nirvana’ by some, Terrazas De Flores is truly a stunning botanical garden tucked in Cebu’s cool highlands. It is a retreat spot which both tourists and locals love. Being the Philippines’ first and only flower terraces, Terrazas De Flores is a uniquely and meticulously grown garden for you to feast your eyes on. Not only will you be able to indulge in the lush greenery of 127 species of plants and flowers, the cosy cabanas they offer are perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Whether you decide to relax with a cup of coffee and some pastries at their cafe or spend the day getting that perfect Instagrammable shot, you’re bound to feel alive and rejuvenated after your visit!

3. Vietnam:  Buckwheat Flower Fields in Dong Van Karst Plateau,  Ha Giang

Deemed as one of the most beautiful places in Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang is a picturesque province known for its rice terraces, forested limestone and granite mountains, caves and most definitely, its fields of buckwheat flowers. Planted by locals on the mountain slopes, the buckwheat flower which grows in clusters starts off as white before turning pinkish and eventually, a beautiful dark red. The annual Buckwheat Flower Festival, usually held in November, attracts tons of visitors to Ha Giang whereby many interesting cultural activities such as a flower wine night, a traditional music performance and cultural performances by the H’Mong tribe take place. This is undoubtedly an ideal place to capture the most beautiful photographs!

4. Singapore: Tulipmania,  Gardens By The Bay

Held annually for five-years straight is Gardens By The Bay’s hit event: Tulipmania, a vibrant and large-scaled event which visitors from all over Asia flock to. Housed in the world’s largest greenhouse, you’ll find a display of over 30,000 flowers from 90 different types of tulips and hyacinths. Despite not having the climate suitable for growing tulips, Singapore ensures cool temperatures in its Flower Dome in order to cultivate their growth. The mass of bright-coloured tulips of various colours is bound to liven up your social media!

5. Malaysia: Cameron Lavender Gardens, Cameron Highlands

Newly opened in 2013, Cameron Lavender Gardens is the perfect selfie spot! Rows upon rows of vibrant lavender flowers will greet you the moment you enter and besides those, many other types of flowers such as gerberas, camellias, roses, peonies and yellow daisies are grown as well. Make sure to try their signature lavender ice-cream and purchase some lavender-scented gifts at their gift shop! 

According to tripzilla.com