Wings produces products including toilet soap, powder and detergent bars, floorcleaners, fabric softeners, and sanitary napkins for markets throughout Indonesia and beyond.

The company’s history dates back to 1948, when Johannes Ferdinand Katuari (Oen Jong Khing) and Harjo Sutanto (Tan Siek Miauw), co-founders of Wings began a business using limited resources in their backyard to create a simple laundry soap named Fa. Thong Fat, which means “success and prosperity together”, first product is a soap called Wings Soap. The company quickly sold this soap in stalls everywhere, and gradually was well received by the community.

By 1971, the company produced the cream-based laundry detergent “Ekonomi” and the product quickly became a product widely used by the people of East Java.

In 1974, a marketing office was opened in Jakarta, consisting of 3 employees and 1 delivery vehicle. By 1976, Sayap Mas Utama Factory was established, producing soap powder and plastic containers.

In 1981, Wings expanded their business while the third factory PT. Cipta Segar Harum (later renamed PT. Lionindo Jaya since 1990 and re-renamed PT Lion Wings since 2004) was built in Jakarta together with Lion Corporation Japan to produce brands such as Emeron, Page One, Ciptadent and Mama. Their products include shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, toothpaste, and liquid dishwashing. In 1991 it was renamed the Solar Wings. 

Today, Wings is recognized as a leading local manufacturer and distributor of home care, fabric care, personal care, food and beverage products.

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