The company was founded by Udom Pichitpongchai in 1936, with the initial business of manufacturing and distributing aluminum cookware products. The brand “Crocodile” was born in 1943 and has become the corporate identity to this day.

By 1963, Thai-American Steel Work Co., Ltd was established from Castle and Cook Co., Ltd., later renamed Thai-Asia Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. or TAS in 1975. In the same year, the company started the production line of welded steel pipes and galvanized eyes according to industry standards (TIS 770-2533).

In 1964, established Bangkok Iron Works Co., Ltd. for the production of low and high-carbon steel rods, bars and wire. By 1966, Chue Chin Hua expanded its business to outdoor lighting poles, luminaires, highway guardrails, steel bars, wire rods, aluminium sheets, coils and discs, window and door screens and louver windows.

In 1973, the company was awarded the Garuda logo, the National Emblem of Thailand, which Chue Chin Hua considers the greatest honor achieved by the company.

The company established Chue Chin Hua Aluminum Co., Ltd. to produce aluminum coil, aluminum flat sheet and round plate in 1974, and in 1993, First Chue Chin Hua Co., Ltd. was established to produce high quality stainless steel kitchenware under the brand name “First”.

For 87 years, Chue Chin Hua has been actively involved in the construction of Thailand’s infrastructure. The company’s products are present on nearly 80% of streets, bridges, roadways and in kitchens in Thailand.

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