The Quench is a smart plant-watering sensor system that’s able to detect exactly when your plant needs water, for which the system will then notify you with a gentle audible tone.

It’s literally as easy as that, as all you have to do is to place the Quench inside just about any plant’s vase and let the Quench do its smart water-tracking process for you, thus allowing you to know exactly when its time to water your plants again. With it, you’ll never forget to water your plants ever again!



Now, it’s important to note that this smart plant-watering sensor system works solely based on its one single moisture-detection probe unit, which features a very sturdy and ultra-durable construction that ultimately makes the system’s probe totally resistant to obsolescence.


In other words, the Quench’s probe comes equipped with Coated Metal Alloy Contacts that are both resistant to corrosion as well as capable of accurately detecting soil moisture via an Advanced Moisture Detection Algorithm, which is exactly what allows this little “gizmo” to work as a reliable smart plant-watering sensor system.



Additionally, since different plants tend to have different watering needs, the Quench was also designed with all plant species in mind, meaning that it was designed to work with them all. As such, this sleek smart plant-watering sensor system can ultimately be used for water-loving plants (like ferns) all the way to dry-loving plants (like succulents).



That said, its smart moisture-detection probe also comes with a depth-scale integrated onto it that ultimately makes it easier for you to accurately set it at the perfect depth that best suits each of your plants’ watering needs.

Not only that, but since the system’s moisture-detection probe also comes equipped with a Smart Light-Sensing Sensor close to the top-side of its unit, the probe is also capable of automatically entering in a “Night Mode” function.

According to Gadgetgram