The Gateway is a 37-storey, 150 m (490 ft), skyscraper complex completed in April 1990 on Beach Road in the Downtown Core of Singapore. The two buildings are named The Gateway East and The Gateway West.



The architecture of The Gateway has been described as “world class” by the National Library Board. The buildings were designed by the U.S.-based architect, I. M. Pei. The local Singaporean architectural firm that worked on this project was Chua Ka Seng and Partners Chartered Architects (CKSP).



The shape of the buildings is trapezoidal, which is similar to the form used by I. M. Pei in the critically acclaimed National Gallery of Art East Building in Washington, D.C. Locals refer to the buildings as “two towering cardboard boxes”.

Pei built it to face the country’s southeastern shore. He envisioned his creation to “symbolize the ‘Gateway’ to Singapore,” inviting and welcoming visitors from all over the world.



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