Khun Benz restaurant offers a unique service of enjoying a meal on a triangular “nest”. Khun Benz is located on eucalyptus trees over 8 meters high, unique design makes people feel like they are sitting in rattan baskets, lying in the middle of the mountains.

Each bird’s nest is suspended on a tall tree, nearly 11 meters from the ground to create a private, quiet space for diners to dine. It is known that the Resort Soneva Kiri took 5 years to complete this unique service to create a name for Khun Benz restaurant.

These birds’ nests are made of wood and decorated around with small bamboo braces, tied to an old tree by large sharp ropes. With a wide view, this unique space will help diners get the best view towards the blue sea, at the same time, receive cool breezes.

The service method at Khun Benz restaurant is also quite special, staff swing on the rope to bring food and cool bottles of champagne to customers. Their operations are fast and very professional, they immediately arrange food and drinks, and then give the private space to customers.


Nestled under the trees of the forest, sitting in the restaurant, diners will enjoy delicious food while breathing the fresh natural air, watching the immense sky and the immense blue of the forest and sea. That will be a feeling of being fully immersed in nature.

The airy and very private space blending in with the green, romantic nature, the food here also seems to be more delicious. Therefore, Khun Benz is always the restaurant chosen by many Thai tourists.

According to VnExpress