Ong Phraya Sri Mukda Mahamuneenin Palnakkarat (Thailand) : The largest Naga statue in Southeast Asia

( Wat Roi Phra Phutthabat Phu Manorom, is situated on Phu Manorom, a small mountain located in Tambon Na Si Nuan in the southern part of Amphoe Mueang Mukdahan. Within the temple’s compound, there are several interesting things that are waiting to be visited and worshipped.


Phrachao Yai Kaeo Mukda Sitrairat is enshrined on top of the mountain, where the temple is situated. This giant Buddha statue, which can be seen froma distance, with a lap width of 39.99 metres and a height of 59.99 metres is in the posture of subduing Mara. The total height from the base to the top is 84 metres. Phrachao Yai Kaeo Mukda Sitrairat was built on the occasion of King Rama IX’s 84th birthday anniversary, 5 December, 2011. Phrathat Phu Manorom has an octagonal base. This Phrathat was built in the tapering shape from its middle part to its top, which is divided into 3 parts according to the Dharma puzzle, which defines that the bottom part of the tapering shape is hell; the middle is the human world; the top is heaven.

Replica of the Buddha’s footprint, made of sandstone, has its width of 80 centimetres and length of 180 centimetres. Phra Angkhan Phen, the small and gold Buddha statue in the posture of subduing Mara, was made at the same time as the replica of the Buddha’s footprint was created. To meet the builder’s belief of having all 3 elements in a temple, Phathat (Chedi), Buddha statue, and Buddha’s footprint were built. A record of the temple’s construction is attached at the back of Phra Angkhan Phen.

Phaya Si Mukda Maha Muni Nilapala Nakkharat, the giant Naga statue, can be found slithering across the stony area on the left side of the path up to Phrachao Yai Kaeo Mukda Sitrairat and magnificently raising its head to face the Mekong River below. It was built to be a guardian of Phrachao Yai Kaeo Mukda Sitrairat and to be revered by devotees. This majestic and greenish-blue-coloured Naga statue is 122 metres long, with a 1.5 metres diameter, and is 20 metres high.

This serpent is a real eye-pleaser. From here, you can get a view of the naga with the Buddha statue in the background. This makes for some great photo opportunities. Buddhists will perform a ritual here where they pray and walk around the naga, hitting a gong along the way before tieing a piece of red ribbon to a tree.

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