The hotel’s name, Padjajaran Anyar, was reportedly given by Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi.

“It means that the Sundanese people in Purwakarta are able to create something as great as this, can inspire others,” Dhanni Daelami, one of the initiators of hotel operator Badega Gunung Parang, told The Jakarta Post.

Dhanni said the property aimed to promote tourism around Mount Parang.

“Mt. Parang is an exotic rocky mountain that wasn’t explored much prior to our efforts to develop it in 2013."

In an interview with, Dhanni said the hotel would be built with a combination of steel, aluminum and polycarbonate walls. Although the hotel is designed to have a total of 99 rooms, only 11 rooms will be available on its opening day in October. "The rooms will be built gradually along the mountain's exotic routes," he explained.

Dhanni added that the hotel was designed for adventure-seekers who don't necessarily possess outdoor skills. "Everyone above the age of six can visit the hotel."

Padjajaran Anyar boasts a bed, toilet, air conditioner, Wi-Fi connectivity and breakfast for its guests.


Dhanni explained that visitors could reach the skylodge by climbing via feratta (iron road) and strolling along the tyrolean bridge to reach their capsule. Meanwhile, they will need to rappel to climb down from the cliff. It is advised to bring a maximum of 10 kg of luggage during visits to Padjajaran Anyar.

The price for a room is said to range between Rp 3.3 million (US$247) to Rp 9.9 million based on the room's height.

According to thejakartapost