The beautiful female team leader Nualphan Lamsam (also known as Madam Pang) of Thailand has just been honored by Forbes magazine after her recent successes.

Accordingly, Madam Pang is named in the top 50 most powerful women over 50 in Asia by Forbes.

In addition to chairing the Port Football Club and being appointed as manager of the men’s national football team in August 2021, Nualphan leads Muang Thai—ranked second in Thailand’s estimated $8 billion insurance market.

She is an heiress to the Kasikorn Bank fortune, but she has forged her own unique reputation as a passionate supporter of Thailand’s football teams, distributor for luxury handbag designer Hermès, and a frequently suggested candidate for Bangkok governor.

The strong financial potential and the desire of Madam Pang helped the Thai team change in a short time. She pulled the team out of the crises and setbacks that began with the dismissal of coach Nishino and the reintroduction of Mr. Mano Polking from HCMC FC.

Madam Pang closes all the gaps of expertise and aspirations of the players with actions to play, giving them more motivation to compete. She once gave a series of luxury goods to Thai players such as iPhone 13 or Rolex watches… before the semi-final first leg of the AFF Cup 2020 against Vietnam Tel.

In addition, hiring a plane to transport the team back to Thailand after winning the championship, it is best to use its prestige and influence to mobilize bonuses of up to tens of billions of billions for the team after taking the throne for the 6th time.

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