It’s just right for travel and will hold your phone, passport, ID, cards, cash and more! It’s very comfortable and lightweight with a ultra slim 0.2″ thickness. Compare to other backpacks that are thick and bulky with lots of weight. This is the lightweight alternative you can wear comfortably for hours of enjoyment.



It includes 2 convenient pockets for more carry space than you might imagine in a backpack this slim and compact. The biggest pocket can be used for any tablet under 8.5″. Or absolutely any phone with a large bulky protective cover.

Instead, you could pack a water bottle up to 16.9 ounces. Second pocket has a zipper to secure a phone under 5.2″. Can carry 2 devices at the same time with one in each pocket.



Thanks to its bounce-free design, this unisex running vest can successfully replace a waist running belt and is great for other activities such as cycling, walking, and climbing. Just right for carrying a snack or light meal when outdoors, exploring nature, and fishing. Also great for carrying first aid supplies in case of an accident.



The ventilated, breathable back won’t make you uncomfortably sweaty. Furthermore, its water-resistant material can handle light rain, humidity, sprinklers, sweat, and splashes. Due to its light weight and low profile, this backpack vest streamlines your gear, letting you embrace a worry-free, minimalist lifestyle.

According to The Gadgetflow