You may be curious to see the insides of your ears or nose when you feel an ear or sinus infection coming on.  Your skin may also be an area of concern, but it’s hard to look at your pores up close.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, aren’t you especially worried about the risk of infection in crowded clinics or hospitals?


Using the Dr. CLOBO, you can see a close-up of the inside of your mouth, the back of your scalp, behind and in your ears, pores, wounds, and more. So you don’t have to struggle taking pictures of these areas with a phone. Furthermore, this device integrates with an app to see these hard-to-reach areas clearly and in live view from your phone. 



Tartar build-up can be hard to detect, but it’s easy to spot with the Dr.CLOBO camera. Or have you ever felt something still stuck in your teeth after flossing?

The Dr.CLOBO camera can give you an up-close look, so you can easily spot and remove food stuck in your teeth.  Dr.CLOBO will allow you to arrest problems before they cause serious complications, or stay on top of fresh procedures to ensure they heal well.




Dr. CLOBO makes it easy for kids to take pictures of their dental problems, who may otherwise find it difficult to articulate their discomfort or pain.

Simply move the compact high-resolution camera to the desired area for easy monitoring. Moreover, get your photos analyzed by a doctor within a 24–48-hour period for an additional fee. 



According to The Gadgetflow, Kickstarter