The W10 comes with a clean all-white design and a translucent water tank below that lets you see the water level.

A colorful silicone strap on the side lets you easily hold the water flosser while using it, and right above the strap sits a flip-top opening to refill the water tank.

The flosser’s equipped with a single button interface that lets you toggle through its 5 modes – Intensive, Standard, Gentle, Pulsating, and On-Demand, and its internal maglev motor runs at up to 38000 RPM, shooting a stream of water mixed with air that dislodges any food particles stuck between your teeth and gums.

Using the W10 is as simple as filling up the water tank, mounting the nozzle of your choice, and hitting the power button. The water shoots out in tiny jet streams, dislodging food particles and plaque in places where your toothbrush can’t reach.

Using the W10 for a minute (in 15-second intervals) after brushing provides the perfect conclusion to your daily oral hygiene regimen, cleaning your teeth, gums, and even tongue. An internal battery provides 30 days of power, and can easily charge via a Type-C port on the front.

Oclean W10 is IPX7 water-resistant too, which means you can easily rinse out the gadget every few days to keep it clean.

According to Yankodesign