The coronavirus-induced turmoil in global air traffic has also affected the world’s longest flights. In the case of the Singapore-New York connection, the route was brought back in November 2020, but changed from Newark to JFK airport to better accommodate an increased cargo load that is expected to make up for decreased passenger demand, extending travel distance slightly.

A second extra long flight to JFK is the Philippine Airlines connection linking New York to Manila across 13,690 kilometers. The route also uses the Airbus A350 model and has been in operation since October 2018.

Singapore Airlines has three flights among the world’s top 10 longest routes by kilometers, including the route between its hub and San Francisco, which is also flown by United Airlines. Air India added an extreme long haul, also to San Francisco, to its flight plan in January 2021, covering 14,000 kilometers from Bangalore and entering the top 10 of the world’s longest flights in rank six.

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