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Singapore – The place Google established its headquarter in Southeast Asia area

( Singapore is the first country where Google has an office in Southeast Asia. The Google office here is seen as the main center for this multinational technology giant's operations in Southeast Asia and Asia. It is directly responsible for business operations in the Asia-Pacific region, including YouTube, Android and products belonging to the company's "ecosystem in general".

Kampung Pelangi (Indonesia) – From dirty slum to rainbow village

( Why go somewhere over the rainbow when you can just hang out inside of it? Kampung Pelangi, a small village in Indonesia, has transformed itself into a stunning display of bright colours and whimsical designs, a huge departure from its former state of squalor.

Vigan (Philippines) – A city with nostalgic Spanish colors in the heart of Southeast Asia

( Having been occupied by Spain for a long time, Filipino culture and architecture were quite deeply influenced. However, this historical mark has left Vigan - an ancient town that still retains the Spanish character in the heart of Southeast Asia, intact architecture despite war bombs and skin changes of the times.

Lazarus – The island has the most inhabited cats in Southeast Asia

( Lazarus is considered one of the most unspoiled and peaceful islands of Singapore. There are no bustling commercial centers, no modern amusement parks, but there are countless interesting things. One of the factors that create the attraction of Lazarus Island is because there are more cats here than there are people on the island.

George Town – The unexpected street art hub of Southeast Asia

( Asia is quite famous for its ancient cities, where people can find peace, time-colored wildness in every alley, every roof in the old town. And a little bit different, the old town is somewhat noisy and crowded than George Town. Weaving in the alleyways are vivid, funny 3D paintings and ingenious arrangements that make this place the pride of Penang ...

The Giant – The only 200-year-old banyan tree cafe in Southeast Asia

( A place that serving coffee and dine in a tree, in “birds’ nests” suspended over the jungle. A long, winding drive through the hills of Chiang Mai yields a great reward. In the region of Mae On, you will stumble upon The Giant; a café/restaurant that is a tree house at its absolute finest. As the Giant tree house coffee shop is literally, found up a tree.

Shwedagon Pagoda – Southeast Asia’s most beautiful artitectural symbol viewed from above

( Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as the Golden Temple – the largest, most beautiful and sacred temple in Myanmar. It is the temple with the world’s most luxurious tower made of gold and diamonds. Myanmar people attach great importance to beliefs and temples with them being sacred places and always cared carefully.

Lopburi – The city of monkeys

( – Lopburi is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. It is home to some spectacular ruins and top attractions, including King Narai’s Lopburi Palace and Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, a historic temple. However, this city is well known for the residence place of thousands of monkey.

Chokchai Farm: The combination between dairy farm and tourisim

( One of the most well-known destinations in Khaoyai is Chokchai Farm, Thailand’s largest dairy farm with more than 60 years history. Farm Chokchai is a fully integrated dairy farm perched on a vast stretch of plains amidst a scenic surrounding and it is the largest dairy farm in Asia

The world’s first hydraulic-driven vertical farm

( When it comes to growing food, the sky’s the limit thanks to innovations like the Sky Urban Vertical Farming System. Designed and pioneered by the Singapore-based company Sky Greens, the vertical farming system is a revolutionary modern spin on the ancient practice of agriculture.

Sharma Spring – Unique hotel entirely made from bamboo

( One of the 18 homes that make up Bali’s Green Village - a unique settlement designed by Ibuku and built entirely from locally sourced bamboo, Sharma Springs is an architecturally striking six-story structure overlooking the Ayung River valley.

Blue Temple – The hidden gem of Chiang Rai

( ‘Rong Suea Ten’ or Blue Temple means ‘house of the dancing tiger’ because historically, the area surrounding the temple, was full of wildlife, in particular tigers who leaped into the nearby Mae Kok river.

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